Big Data 2.0: Next-Gen Privacy, Security, and Analytics

11:00 am - 12:00 pm,
Kresge Auditorium

Prof. Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, PhD ‘82, MIT Media Lab (@alex_pentland)

Ricardo Bartra, Deutsche Post DHL - Global Forwarding (#RicardoBartra)
Anthony Christie, SF ‘98, Level 3 Communications (@christieontech)
Niraj Jetly, NutriSavings (@4NirajJetly)
Rob Thomas, IBM Analytics (@robdthomas)

The first wave of big data has hit, creating great opportunities but also cracks in company security, worries about customer data privacy, and showing the limitations of current analytics. The second wave of big data is gathering strength now. The thought leaders and practitioners on this panel will discuss what Big Data 2.0 may look like, what security measures companies may have to take, how improved analytics can help us achieve stronger insights, how consumers are demanding a new privacy contract, and how some cutting edge companies are shining a light on this future.

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