Birds-of-a-Feather Networking Lunch 2017

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm,
Rockwell Cage, Main Court

If you have not selected one of the Lunch Breakout sessions, please join us for a Networking Lunch, on the Main Court of Rockwell. (Enter down the path between the Stratton Center and the Zesiger Fitness Center, see map.)

We will have working lunches set up at tables, with “Birds of a Feather” topics posted on signs. Feel free to sit at a table about a topic of interest. Many tables will be facilitated by an ‘expert’ (speaker, sponsor, organizer) who will help lead a lively and interesting discussion.

Be prepared to share business cards and get to know other Symposium attendees. It is a chance to network, talk shop and learn something new.

1 Platform Business Models Marshall Van Alstyne
2 Customer Service Chatbots  Franco Amalfi
3 Secure Data in the Cloud Barbara Gingrande
4 Experience Design Chokdee Rutirasiri
5 IoT: Challenges to Adoption Dr. Richard Mark Soley
6 Ads & Ad Blockers: Revenue vs Performance Maya Bustan
7 Organizing Privacy Teams Sam Pfeifle
8 Digital Innovation Jim Swanson
9 The Knowledge Platform Approach Stefan Dageson
10 Smart Contracts David Saul
11 What AI Can Do for You Ameeta Soni
12 Privacy & Security of IoT Data Peter Vanderminden
13 Analytics in Financial Serv Rob Gurwitz
14 Cognitive Companies Tom Davenport
15 CIO’s and Product Vision Asad Hassan
16 Cloud Storage As Commodity David Friend
17 Navigating the Cloud Patrick Gilmore
18 Defending from Hackers Eugene Shablygin
19 Accelerate IT with Low Code Platforms Dan Juengst
20 DevOps and Security Gordon Haff
21 Cultural Transformation in a Digital World Karim Bibawi
22 Become a Connected Company Jeff Kaplan
23 Designing Workplaces for Digital Kristine Dery
24 Digital Transformation Jesal Sangani
25 Multi Cloud Integration Carl Lehmann
26 OCM and the CIO Alan Williams
27 Designing for Women Candace Benson
28 Cyber Security in Complex systems Noel Zamot
29 Video Communication Eric Braun
30 Risk Management in Cyber Michael Siegel