Measuring ROI for Cybersecurity: Is It Real or a Mirage?

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm,
Twenty Chimneys - 3rd floor, Stratton

Andrew Stanley, Philips (#AndrewStanley @PhilipsHealth)

Jim Cupps, Liberty Mutual (#JimCupps)
Ilya Kabanov, SF ‘15, Schneider Electric (#IlyaKabanov)
James Kaplan, McKinsey (@JMK37)
Christopher Porter, Fannie Mae (@cdporter00)

Organizations are spending an ever-larger portion of their IT budgets on security. But what does it get them? Risk of a breach appears to be growing not shrinking. What level of investment will it take to bring risk to an acceptable level? Gartner says prevention is futile. So, what should organizations do? It is hard to go to the Board of Directors to ask for more investment when you can’t even measure the impact of current investments. During this session, we will explore the measurement and management of cybersecurity investments and how to steer the board’s expectations and the internal culture to put the organization on a glide path to a steady improvement versus a random walk.

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