Running IT Like a Factory

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm,
Kresge Little Theater

Steven Rosenbush, Wall Street Journal (@Steve_Rosenbush)

Christopher C. Crummey , Executive Director, X-Force for IBM Security
Dr. Dieter Haban, Daimler Trucks North America (@DieterHabanCIO)
Suresh Kumar, BNY Mellon (#SureshKumar @BNYMellon)
Lev Lesokhin, MBA '00, CAST (@levlesokhin)

As modern IT organizations embrace speed and quality, automate code delivery, and cut costs, they are becoming “factories” churning out digital capabilities. Our panelists will discuss what it means to modernize IT applications, virtualize IT infrastructure, and automate data center operations. They will share their experiences in transforming enterprise software into callable APIs, upgrading databases and middleware, developing with open source, moving to cloud with various lift-and-shift methods, automating delivery with DevOps, and measuring IT productivity with data.

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